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SW 400

Originally designed and formulated in Scandinavia this unique product is ideal for use in cleaning machines of all types. The carefully selected surfactants remove grease and oil from all types of metal, (although care needs to be taken as very strong solutions could attack aluminium), concrete and painted floors without creating large amounts of foam. Used neat it will remove heavy forklift truck tyre marks, which are difficult to clean with conventional products. It


                    Economical to use high activity

                    Easily removes dirt and grime

                    Safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, glass and rubber

                    Universal application

                    Effective in hard and soft waters

                    Petroleum solvent free

                    Non Caustic

                    Virtually odourless


                    Controlled foam system

                    Includes water softener




General Machine Cleaning : In rotary spray wash machines, and soak tanks use at 2%-10% dependant on degree of soiling @ 60 70c degrees. Note may foam at temperatures under 40c. For floor cleaning use at up to 200 parts dilution in water via a scrubbing machine. Use at 1 to 100 for areas of heavier soil.


Manual Floor Cleaning : Dilute at 1 part to 100 of water for areas of light soil and mop or swab until clean and dry. Use neat on stubborn areas of tyre marks which will need up to 2 minutes contact time before cleaning. Also suitable for use in areas of hard surface cleaning where foam is a problem.




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