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NU 319


Aftercare is a smooth, white, non-greasy cream, which is specially formulated to recondition the skin after exposure to the hazards of daily industrial work. Skin recovery is aided by lubricating and re-fatting the skin, quickly making it supple and healthy.



                     Proven effectiveness

                     Non greasy feel

                     Pleasant perfume

                     Contains pure glycerine

                     Only small amounts required

                     Easily absorbed

                     Restores supple feel to skin



Use 1-2 grams per application. On the hands, rub well into cuticles and the webs of fingers. Suitable for use on other areas of the body but broken areas and sore patches of skin should be avoided and treated with specialist creams. Use daily or after each washing of hands.




Appearance White lotion

Odour            Very faint

pH of neat     7.0

Use concentration As Supplied

Packaging   4 x 5 Ltr box




Safety Advice Not classified as dangerous, however the following safe working practices are recommended. Keep out of reach of children.


First Aid Following eye contact flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. give water to drink. seek medical attention.