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PS 805


Carbon Solve is a two phase liquid. The lower phase contains a powerful blend of chlorinated solvents, tar acids, and wetting agents, whilst the upper phase contains corrosion inhibitors. Components are immersed in the solvent phase, which softens and loosens the deposits and paint films and then withdrawn through the inhibited upper phase. Carbon Solve is used cold in soak tanks, and provides single stage de carbonising and paint stripping of various engine, machine, motor, and compressor components. Carbon Solve is safe for use on all metals and can be used in mild steel equipment.


FEATURES                                              BENEFITS

Powerful Solvent Blend                            Removes stubborn carbon & paint deposits.

Has built in seal                                        Solvent vapour levels are minimised

Contains corrosion inhibitors                     Treated components are inhibited against corrosion.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE.  Use as supplied. To ensure correct proportions of both phases, either shake drum thoroughly prior to decanting, or preferably use whole drum quantities. Bath life can be extended by degreasing heavily soiled parts prior to processing in Carbon Solve.



Contains Dichloromethane and Cresylic acid (5-20%). Substance identification number 2810. Toxic in contact with the skin, and if swallowed. Causes burns. Harmful by inhalation. Do not smoke. Use in a well ventilated area. Wear suitable protective clothing Keep out of reach of children.Do not mix with other chemical products unless specifically directed.

Wash splashes from the skin with soap and water. If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. give water to drink. Medical attention is recommended following eye contact, or if the product is swallowed. 

Spillage's Should be absorbed with mineral absorbent, and collected for disposal