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LU 221

A multi-functional semi-synthetic metal process fluid which produces a translucent micro emulsion when diluted in water to give excellent visibility for the machine operator. It incorporates the latest non-staining performance additives to ensure complete multi-metal compatibility.

Classified as NON hazardous and based upon synthetic and natural esters in order to provide excellent machining performance across a wide range of applications.  Low foaming tendency allows for use in the most arduous modern day machining centres at a higher concentration level.


ˇ         Based Upon Renewable Technology

ˇ         Excellent Medium Severity Performance Characteristics

ˇ         Chlorine Free

ˇ         Secondary Amine Free

ˇ         Triazine Free

ˇ         NP Ethoxylates Free

ˇ          Low Foaming Tendency

ˇ         Multi-Metal Compatible


Typical Data

Appearance at 20ēC:


Emulsion Appearance:

 Amber liquid


Micro – Water White

Specific Gravity:

pH (5% dilution):

IP 287 Corrosion Break Point, % Volume:












Application Rates:-

Grinding                                                                                                                      2 – 4 %

General Machining                                                                  4 – 6 %

Milling & Threading                                                                5 – 6 %

       Always add concentrate to water

Automated dispensing equipment is available together with refractometers for asuring concentration in use. Tramp oil skimmers and dip slides to order


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