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LU 305


Spargrind LG is a low oil semi-synthetic water-mix grinding fluid that forms a clear emulsion when diluted with water. It is a water-mix metalworking fluid designed predominantly for high stock removal grinding operations, and where a high surface finish is required.

Spargrind LG gives superior cooling and flushing characteristics, keeping grinding wheels ‘open’ and carrying debris away from the machining area. Spargrind LG suppresses foam generation in all water conditions, and  particularly in segmented wheel vertical spindle grinders where typically foaming is a problem. In addition Spargrind LG provides excellent corrosion protection on both work piece on machines whilst minimising the build up of ‘sticky’ residues.

Boron Free, Triazine Free, , Phenol free, Formaldehyde free, Contains no long chain Chlorinated Paraffin’s



Appearance of Concentrate

Green liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20oC


pH @ 5% (Distilled Water)


Anti – corrosion by IP 287

2.0% B.P.

Refractometer Correction Factor




Spargrind LG should not be used at concentrations less than its specified break point.

Maximum machining performance can be achieved at concentrations up to 8% however, the majority of operations will be completed with concentrations in the range 2 - 6%.


The life and performance of any water-mix metalworking fluid is affected greatly by external factors such as water quality, atmospheric contamination and ingress of machine oils etc. Maximum benefit and lowest operating costs are achieved where correct monitoring and control is applied.



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