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LU 320


Sparcool BIO 60EP2BF is the first of a new generation of boron free “higher oil content” biostable water-mix metalworking fluids. It has been specially designed to incorporate the latest advances in additive technology and thereby comply not only with current legislation, but also that pending.  Sparcol BIO 60 EP2BF is truly an ‘all round’ water-mix metalworking fluid.

Although water based, Sparcool Bio 60EP2BF with its blend of surface active and hydrodynamic lubrication additives, provides a true alternative to the use of neat oils. It can be used for deep hole boring, and gear cutting.  Its unique formulation also makes it suitable for grinding operations in which it will keep machining areas clean and free from the sticky deposits normally associated with synthetic grinding fluids.

In addition to its machining characteristics, Sparcool BIO 60EP2BF offers the following benefits;

·         Boron Free, Triazine Free,Phenol free, Formaldehyde free, Contains no long chain Chlorinated Paraffin’s

·         Biostable

·         Improved surface finish, better tool life

·         Permits higher cutting speeds

·         Very low foaming tendency even in very soft waters

·         Excellent residual corrosion protection

·         Good tramp oil rejection

·         Maintains machine cleanliness


Appearance of Concentrate

Amber liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20oC


PH @ 3% (Distilled Water)


Anti-corrosion by IP287

3% Break Point

Refractometer Correction Factor



Application Sparcool BIO 60EP2BF should not be used at concentrations less than its specified break point.  Maximum machining performance can be achieved at concentrations up to 12% however, the majority of operations will be completed with concentrations in the range 3 - 6%.  Not being dedicated to any one material or machining process, care should be taken not to use Sparcool BIO 60EP2BF in situations where a dedicated fluid may provide overall better performance.  Note The life and performance of any water-mix metalworking fluid is affected greatly by external factors such as water quality, atmospheric contamination and ingress of machine oils etc. Maximum benefit and lowest operating costs are achieved where correct monitoring and control is applied.

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