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LU 314

 The meaning of the term ‘general purpose machining’ has changed significantly in recent times. No longer does this refer to an old capstan lathe on which ‘odd job’ machining is carried out, quite the contrary. Often machines now employed in ’general purpose’ machining are fully automated machining centres working on a wide variety of alloys carrying out quite critical operations. Sparcool BIO 10 EPBF reflects this trend in that it is truly an ‘all round’ water-mix metalworking fluid. Although not designed as an ‘extreme pressure’ type fluid it does provide machining capabilities way beyond those normally associated with fluids which do not contain EP additives. This therefore means that Sparcoole BIO 10 EPBF is able to cope with materials with widely differing machining characteristics from cast iron through aluminium to stainless steel*.

In addition to its machining characteristics, Coolube BIO 10 EPBF offers the following benefits;

Boron Free, Triazine Free, , Phenol free, Formaldehyde free, Contains no long chain Chlorinated Paraffin’s

·         Highly biostable

·         Very low foaming tendency even in very soft waters

·         Excellent residual corrosion protection particularly on cast iron.

·         Good tramp oil rejection

·         High wetting

·         Maintains machine cleanliness



Appearance of Concentrate

Amber  liquid

Specific Gravity @ 20oC


pH @ 3% (Distilled Water)


Anti-corrosion by IP 125 @3% dil

0/0-0 (No corrosion)

De-foam in 50p.p.m. water

Nil after 10 seconds



Sparcool BIO 10 EPBF should not be used at concentrations less than its specified break point.

Maximum machining performance can be achieved at concentrations up to 12% however, the majority of operations will be completed with concentrations in the range 3 - 6%.

* Not being dedicated to any one material or machining process, care should be taken not to use Coolube BIO 10 EPBF in situations where a dedicated fluid may provide overall better performance. Note The life and performance of any water-mix metalworking fluid is affected greatly by external factors such as water quality, atmospheric contamination and ingress of machine oils etc. Maximum benefit and lowest operating costs are achieved


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