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SO 960


A pale, low viscosity cleaner containing environmentally friendly raw materials which replace the traditional highly flammable petroleum based solvents. Designed to remove a variety of inks from floors, walls, machinery and printing equipment including rollers. Less aggressive towards sensitive plastics and slower in evaporation rate, makes this product far more economical in long term use than the more conventional grades of ink remover.



Very low aromatic content

Easily removes ink and paint

Does not contain petroleum solvents

Pleasant to use

High flash point

Slow evaporation rate low VOC

Not classified as hazardous

Low toxicity





General Cleaning : Use neat via brush or swab, allow up to 5 minutes contact time. Then wipe clean. Repeat if necessary.


Dip Tank : Place components in wire basket, soak in fluid for up to 5 minutes. Remove, drain and wipe dry or use compressed air to blow dry.



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