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AC 225


Conqueror is an aqueous cleaner, based upon a synergistic blend of cationic and non-ionic surfactants with soluble solvents, amphoretic sequestrants, and soil suspending agents, all of which have been chosen for there Biodegradability. This product is widely used in Scandinavia. It is non fuming and  will effectively remove scale, rust, and metal tarnish. The detergents contained in Conqueror enable penetration and removal of deposits which are normally resistant to acid cleaning.  Conqueror is an excellent descaler, and will brighten aluminium, chrome, copper, and brass. It is effective against many forms of hard water scale, including Beer and Milk stone, starch, protein, and soap containing deposits. Safe for use on all metals, and other hard surfaces including wood plastic, vitreous china, ceramic tiled, and painted surfaces.


FEATURES                                                 BENEFITS

Based on Phosphoric Acid                             Rapidly removes rust and water scale suitable for use on stainless steel.


Contains wetting agents                                Non fuming, inhibits rusting, and improves paint  adhesion.

                                                                  Penetrates greasy deposits and rinses freely.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE                              Effective use concentration and times will depend on the degree of scale. 



Appearance                                                 Pale yellow  liquid.

Odour                                                         Mild

Ph of use solution                                         2

Use concentration                                        Diluted with up to 100 parts water.

Flammability                                                Non Flammable



Safety Advice Irritant Wear suitable protective clothing. Use in well ventilated areas. Keep out of reach of children.Do not mix with other chemical products unless specifically directed. 

First Aid Wash splashes from the skin immediately with soap and water. If swallowed, DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. give water to drink, Medical attention is recommended following eye contact, or if the product is swallowed. 

Spillage's Small spillage' s can be flushed to the foul sewer with plenty of water large amounts should be contained and absorbed with an inert mineral product.


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